Intuition: The Endless Guidance Within

Your Intuition is a Feeling and a Knowing inside of You that guides You in every situation of Your life. It is built-in. It is part of You, and there all the time. There is no separation between You and It, ever! But like most of Us, You were probably not taught about It. Tapping into this innate Intuition is really all about Trusting Yourself Fully. It is that thing that tells You something isn’t right or is right for You. It is that thing that tells You go to the kitchen because You’ve left a pot on. That thing that tells You to make that phone call. To turn right or left. It’s that thing that tells You that Man or Woman is or isn’t right for You. It’s that Inner Voice always speaking to You in subtle or big ways.

Yet, We are typically taught to second-guess Ourselves, to not trust Our Inner Knowing about whatever arises in Our lives, and to instead look outside of Ourselves to Another rather than within. But that’s okay. We can recognize Our past conditioning, forgive it, and move on. Now is the time to set the intention and start trusting Your Intuition more often! It is there for a reason. It is Your Inner Guidance, Your Inner Compass, and will never steer You wrong. What I’ve found in life is that You always come out on the winning end when You listen to and follow that gut instinct, Your Intuition. And when You don’t listen, the choices You make are often not the best or most beneficial ones.

So, how do I start following My Intuition, You may ask? It starts with belief. Start believing in Yourself; believing is a form of trusting. Intuition comes from You, so it’s Your job to tap into It. It will not always be easy because the EGO might have something else in mind and want to do it’s own thing, per part of that past conditioning. Just take baby steps and be gentle with Yourself. Start putting it into practice now. Your Intuition is there for You when You make choices in Your personal life, as well as your professional life, so there is absolutely no area You can’t rely on this Guidance for. Simply make the commitment to do so.

The key is to stay connected to the stream of well-being with God/Spirit/Universe. If You are disconnected from that, You will not be in-tuned with Your Intuition. So keep Your mind and energy clear at all times as much as possible, by whatever means work for You.

Start today. Practice and play with it. Take notes of Your progress. Test something minor and then come back and say “I’m glad I did ______,” because that was My Intuition telling Me to do that! Then You will start to trust It more and more and It will become second nature. The goal is to get to a place of always following It, and not just sometimes, so the sooner You start, the sooner You’ll become in-tuned. What better time than right now?


By: Katina Love

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