How To Get Your Life Under Control

The Art of Journaling

Things happen to us all the time, training us to respond to the world.

  • Rent needs to paid

  • You get sick, and end up missing work

  • Etc., etc.

You are trained to act passively, not as a participant. This is caused by the responsibility that is constantly thrust upon you.

This is where the value of journaling comes into play: Journaling acts as an opposing force to you only being a responder to the world.

The Rudder Of Your Life

Imagine you’re on a boat at sea. You have a sail, and thanks to this you are always moving forward.

But because you only operate based on the sail, you don’t actually control your direction.

In this way, the wind and the waves act upon you, which pushes you in whatever direction they wish.

You could end up anywhere, and it’s unlikely that it’s where you want to be.

Your journal is the rudder of your life, and represents your choosing to participate and take action in the world. Become a force of nature instead of something that is merely acted upon.

Guiding the Rudder

What you think about regularly is terribly important. All action is proceeded by thought.

However, for many of us, we have scattered, unguided thoughts. Our thoughts are more influenced by the world around us than by ourselves.

In this way, your journal is your mind mirror.

Using it will allow you to see what guides your mind, what thoughts dominate it, and even help you predict what’s to come, based on your thoughts.

Even more importantly, you can use it to put thoughts back into your mind.

There are two types of writing:

  • Getting thoughts out of your head

  • Putting thoughts into your head

The art of journaling lies in balancing the two. Getting the junk out and putting the good stuff in.

What a Journal Truly Is

You do two things with a journal:

  • Get the scattered thoughts out of your mind

  • Put constructive, forward thinking thoughts into it

If your life has been lead by scattered thoughts, you will lead a scattered life.

Too many things going on, nothing ever finished, it’s hard to gain any momentum in anything…

If you organize your thoughts, you organize your life.

How To Begin

Start with a daily journal; put down your thoughts daily. It doesn’t have to be a lot, just enough to get the clutter out.

Eventually, you realize that doing this creates room in your mind.

Then, you start putting stuff in. You start writing down what you’re going to accomplish.

Before you know it, what you enter becomes reality, and you start building your future.

Your journal become a part of you, and a tangible representation of your mind.

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