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How to Find Your Like-Minded Tribe

How to Find Your Like-Minded Tribe

I was excited when the team at SHIFT Holistics asked me to write a guest blog for them. I had an opportunity to spend some time with them and see how a group of like-minded people are coming together to make a difference, and it’s inspiring. The beauty of finding each other to develop this great business is not lost on any of them. I think they are still surprised that they found each other.

Those of us who are seekers and committed to personal development read and hear about finding our like-minded people. Our tribe. When we find others who we can share beliefs with, who we connect with … we become better. We can be inspired to even higher visions together. A company like SHIFT Holistics was created by these like-minded people creating a collective vision of services to a higher level than could have been achieved by one person alone.

So, the benefits of having a like-minded tribe is clear, but how the heck do you find your people? Where do you start? 

Here are 5 Ways to Find Your Like-Minded Tribe:

  1. Know We Are Everywhere. Personal Development is a multi-million-dollar business. Who is buying the books, watching the TED Talks, and going to meditation groups? There are over 7 Billion people on the planet and you have people in your town, even if it’s tiny, who share your interests.
  2. Be Open. It’s easy to believe that others aren’t going as deep as you because it’s rare to have conversations below the surface. Be careful of the assumptions you make about others.  People surprise me every day. Share some of your experiences as a test. You may not want to freak out your Aunt LuLu who is an atheist with the details of a past life regression session, but you could ask her what she does to stay positive. You might be surprised when she tells you that she’s recently discovered Brene Brown on YouTube.
  3. Stay Curious. Check out local events that sound interesting. Try that Yoga Class. Start a Personal Development Book Club, send a notice on Facebook and see who responds. I recently had a robust like-minded conversation with a cashier at the grocery store who made a vision board joke which prompted me to ask him what was on his board.
  4. Allow Others to Be. Often when we find someone who is like-minded, we get excited, finally … a soul mate.  Then they say something that we don’t agree with and we feel crushed.  It’s not all or nothing with our tribe. We can allow people to be where and who they are and celebrate where we connect and respect where we don’t and achieve great things together all at the same time.
  5. Do You. As you continue to do your personal development work and build your confidence in being your best, you won’t be able to stop attracting like-minded souls to you. What you put out there comes back to you. Before you know it, your tribe of like-minded people will just keep showing up. 

Jennifer Wilson is a Certified Life Coach. Her Powering to Potential approach helps clients rev up their inner potential to reach their goals and life vision. You can learn more about coaching and working with Jennifer by visiting her website She can also be found on daily at 9:15 am for her radio show, Powering to Potential.