Intuition: The Endless Guidance Within

Your Intuition is a Feeling and a Knowing inside of You that guides You in every situation of Your life. It is built-in. It is part of You, and there all the time. There is no separation between You and It, ever! But like most of Us, You were probably not taught about It. Tapping into this innate Intuition is really all about Trusting Yourself Fully. It is that thing that tells You something isn’t right or is right for You. It is that thing that tells You go to the kitchen because You’ve left a pot on. That thing that tells You to make that phone call. To turn right or left. It’s that thing that tells You that Man or Woman is or isn’t right for You. It’s that Inner Voice always speaking to You in subtle or big ways.

Yet, We are typically taught to second-guess Ourselves, to not trust Our Inner Knowing about whatever arises in Our lives, and to instead look outside of Ourselves to Another rather than within. But that’s okay. We can recognize Our past conditioning, forgive it, and move on. Now is the time to set the intention and start trusting Your Intuition more often! It is there for a reason. It is Your Inner Guidance, Your Inner Compass, and will never steer You wrong. What I’ve found in life is that You always come out on the winning end when You listen to and follow that gut instinct, Your Intuition. And when You don’t listen, the choices You make are often not the best or most beneficial ones.

So, how do I start following My Intuition, You may ask? It starts with belief. Start believing in Yourself; believing is a form of trusting. Intuition comes from You, so it’s Your job to tap into It. It will not always be easy because the EGO might have something else in mind and want to do it’s own thing, per part of that past conditioning. Just take baby steps and be gentle with Yourself. Start putting it into practice now. Your Intuition is there for You when You make choices in Your personal life, as well as your professional life, so there is absolutely no area You can’t rely on this Guidance for. Simply make the commitment to do so.

The key is to stay connected to the stream of well-being with God/Spirit/Universe. If You are disconnected from that, You will not be in-tuned with Your Intuition. So keep Your mind and energy clear at all times as much as possible, by whatever means work for You.

Start today. Practice and play with it. Take notes of Your progress. Test something minor and then come back and say “I’m glad I did ______,” because that was My Intuition telling Me to do that! Then You will start to trust It more and more and It will become second nature. The goal is to get to a place of always following It, and not just sometimes, so the sooner You start, the sooner You’ll become in-tuned. What better time than right now?


By: Katina Love

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Balancing Out Your YOU Book

Balancing Out
Your YOU Book

June 25, 2018
Jen Gardner, NLP Coach

When it comes to finances, it’s not always easy to spend money on your health and wellbeing. Maybe you have no problem spending money on a new outfit, getting our hair or nails done, a new set of golf clubs, or even a gym membership, but do you frequently avoid thinking about how beneficial it may be to invest in your mental and spiritual health? It’s easy to get caught up in family, work and life without regularly tending to those deep emotional wants that also deserve attention for your happiness. All those hidden aspects of you have to be dealt with, and since you haven’t dealt with them already, that means they are stuck there, like ghosts secretly haunting you behind your every mood swing.

You need help, everyone does. And it’s okay to be vulnerable and admit that…it’s a good starting point. You need something from someone else. Whether it be life coaching, therapy, a yoga or meditation class, a healing service, a new course on how to improve your relationships, or maybe a few new educational books, but you have a right or even an obligation to invest in yourself. We all do. If we do not continuously invest in ourselves and strive for more out of life, then we cannot grow in the ways that make us happy. So, if you want happiness, you have to invest in your health and wellbeing.

That’s where finances come in. If you are not financially stable, you are less likely to invest in yourself in the ways of mental or emotional capacity. But, if you do not invest in yourself in those ways, then you are less likely to become financially stable. Here why: A person who is tending to their mental, emotional and spiritual well being regularly, will encounter more gratitude, feel happier and experience more abundance. They will also feel like they have more purpose and more to give to others. People that invest in themselves also understand more joy and positivity in their lives, as well as more success in career and finances. Did you know that like a magnet, true happiness attracts more happiness? Which is why budgeting for your mental and spiritual must-haves is not only for self-preservation, but for exponential growth in life. 

What would it feel like for you to budget for your emotional, mental or spiritual requirements? Maybe it looks like taking on a new practice; a coaching session twice a month; or a weekly massage. Surely, the financial cost is worth the gain to improve your stress, anxiety or overwhelm with any drama that lurks around the corners of your everyday life. Isn’t it worth it to take a breather, or to just experience what it means to be calm and still? To be present in the moment? To get in touch with WHO you are and not HOW you are?

There is huge value in what you will get from sitting and talking with a coach; or learning how meditation and breathing mindfully can enhance your sense of self-worth. When you can truly connect with yourself, then it’s worth spending the money, because your life is worth living to the fullest. That’s why you are here. So, find a way to cut back on extra spending on coffee or eating out, or buying unnecessary items at the store, and take control of your budget, because once you do that, it will be easy to enhance your wellbeing.


Rising Above Your Circumstances

Rising Above Your Circumstances

A wise woman once said, “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get.” There is so much truth in that statement. Circumstances can come in all shapes and sizes. But one thing we all know is… sometimes circumstances can be really, really good… and sometimes they can be really, really bad.

So what do you do when circumstances get bad? It is so easy to let negative circumstances turn into negative attitudes, actions, and behaviors, ultimately leading to a poor quality of life. But what if you could rise above your circumstances, and never again have to depend on the way things go to live the life of your dreams?

You can… and all you need is a simple understanding of the levels of consciousness.

Think of levels of consciousness (material, emotional, mental, spiritual, and source) as experiences we have in life. The top level (source plane) and the bottom level (material plane) are the two places we can generate our reality from. So, if you are living through the material plane, you are focused on actions and circumstances. If you are living through the source plane, you are focused on your state of being.

So rising above your circumstances is really very simple…

If you want to never again have to depend on circumstances to determine your quality of life, all you have to do is focus on your state of being. The one thing you can always choose, in any situation, is your state of being. You can choose to be a person of integrity anytime you want. You can choose to be a loving, caring, nurturing person anytime you want. When you focus all of your attention on being the person you want to be, you are no longer thinking about what a circumstance means about your life. Instead, you are thinking about how “you” operate in, and maximize, those circumstances. You are now constructive, positive, and intentional. From this place, you are always purpose-driven, and studies show that when people are purpose-driven, they are extremely happy, healthy, and successful… regardless of circumstances.

So the next time you’re in a circumstance that feels like the end of the world, rise up to the source plane of consciousness, focus on a desirable state of being, and take your life by the horns. That’s what empowered people do.

~Christopher John
“We empower people. Empowered people lead exceptional lives!”

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How to Find Your Like-Minded Tribe

How to Find Your Like-Minded Tribe

I was excited when the team at SHIFT Holistics asked me to write a guest blog for them. I had an opportunity to spend some time with them and see how a group of like-minded people are coming together to make a difference, and it’s inspiring. The beauty of finding each other to develop this great business is not lost on any of them. I think they are still surprised that they found each other.

Those of us who are seekers and committed to personal development read and hear about finding our like-minded people. Our tribe. When we find others who we can share beliefs with, who we connect with … we become better. We can be inspired to even higher visions together. A company like SHIFT Holistics was created by these like-minded people creating a collective vision of services to a higher level than could have been achieved by one person alone.

So, the benefits of having a like-minded tribe is clear, but how the heck do you find your people? Where do you start? 

Here are 5 Ways to Find Your Like-Minded Tribe:

  1. Know We Are Everywhere. Personal Development is a multi-million-dollar business. Who is buying the books, watching the TED Talks, and going to meditation groups? There are over 7 Billion people on the planet and you have people in your town, even if it’s tiny, who share your interests.
  2. Be Open. It’s easy to believe that others aren’t going as deep as you because it’s rare to have conversations below the surface. Be careful of the assumptions you make about others.  People surprise me every day. Share some of your experiences as a test. You may not want to freak out your Aunt LuLu who is an atheist with the details of a past life regression session, but you could ask her what she does to stay positive. You might be surprised when she tells you that she’s recently discovered Brene Brown on YouTube.
  3. Stay Curious. Check out local events that sound interesting. Try that Yoga Class. Start a Personal Development Book Club, send a notice on Facebook and see who responds. I recently had a robust like-minded conversation with a cashier at the grocery store who made a vision board joke which prompted me to ask him what was on his board.
  4. Allow Others to Be. Often when we find someone who is like-minded, we get excited, finally … a soul mate.  Then they say something that we don’t agree with and we feel crushed.  It’s not all or nothing with our tribe. We can allow people to be where and who they are and celebrate where we connect and respect where we don’t and achieve great things together all at the same time.
  5. Do You. As you continue to do your personal development work and build your confidence in being your best, you won’t be able to stop attracting like-minded souls to you. What you put out there comes back to you. Before you know it, your tribe of like-minded people will just keep showing up. 

Jennifer Wilson is a Certified Life Coach. Her Powering to Potential approach helps clients rev up their inner potential to reach their goals and life vision. You can learn more about coaching and working with Jennifer by visiting her website She can also be found on daily at 9:15 am for her radio show, Powering to Potential.


How To Get Your Life Under Control

The Art of Journaling

Things happen to us all the time, training us to respond to the world.

  • Rent needs to paid

  • You get sick, and end up missing work

  • Etc., etc.

You are trained to act passively, not as a participant. This is caused by the responsibility that is constantly thrust upon you.

This is where the value of journaling comes into play: Journaling acts as an opposing force to you only being a responder to the world.

The Rudder Of Your Life

Imagine you’re on a boat at sea. You have a sail, and thanks to this you are always moving forward.

But because you only operate based on the sail, you don’t actually control your direction.

In this way, the wind and the waves act upon you, which pushes you in whatever direction they wish.

You could end up anywhere, and it’s unlikely that it’s where you want to be.

Your journal is the rudder of your life, and represents your choosing to participate and take action in the world. Become a force of nature instead of something that is merely acted upon.

Guiding the Rudder

What you think about regularly is terribly important. All action is proceeded by thought.

However, for many of us, we have scattered, unguided thoughts. Our thoughts are more influenced by the world around us than by ourselves.

In this way, your journal is your mind mirror.

Using it will allow you to see what guides your mind, what thoughts dominate it, and even help you predict what’s to come, based on your thoughts.

Even more importantly, you can use it to put thoughts back into your mind.

There are two types of writing:

  • Getting thoughts out of your head

  • Putting thoughts into your head

The art of journaling lies in balancing the two. Getting the junk out and putting the good stuff in.

What a Journal Truly Is

You do two things with a journal:

  • Get the scattered thoughts out of your mind

  • Put constructive, forward thinking thoughts into it

If your life has been lead by scattered thoughts, you will lead a scattered life.

Too many things going on, nothing ever finished, it’s hard to gain any momentum in anything…

If you organize your thoughts, you organize your life.

How To Begin

Start with a daily journal; put down your thoughts daily. It doesn’t have to be a lot, just enough to get the clutter out.

Eventually, you realize that doing this creates room in your mind.

Then, you start putting stuff in. You start writing down what you’re going to accomplish.

Before you know it, what you enter becomes reality, and you start building your future.

Your journal become a part of you, and a tangible representation of your mind.

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